It’s in the details 

Any place can be beautiful if you look a little closer. 





A Walk in Pisogne 

Earlier this week, my host sister and I took a 15 minute car ride down the valley to a small lakeside town called Pisogne. I can see Pisogne and Lago d’Iseo from my town and it is beautiful from afar but WOW is it amazing up close! We parked our car in a small lot near a piazza close to the lake. Our plan was to walk along the sidewalk that wraps around this end of the lake, but 3 minutes into the walk I saw it…. A Gelateria. And outside this gelato shop were people eating the most beautiful looking sundaes and gelati I have ever seen (I have only been here for a week Saturday so I haven’t seen that many Gelaterias but I know some delicious food when I see it!). So, the only logical thing to do was try it out myself. And, ladies and gentleman, it did not disappoint. Just like at the Pizzaria the other night, the options were endless and all looked amazing. I picked two flavours that Chiara, again, recommended; pistachio and Stracchiatella. I was intrigued by pistachio flavoured ice cream and of course you can’t go wrong with cream&chocolate, so I dug in. HEAVEN IN A CUP. I will have to hunt down the local Gelateria very soon… 

Anyways, onto the walk. 

Chiara once said that walking is a very popular activity here and I can see why. The walk alongside Lake Iseo was gorgeous- sailboats and windsurfers floated by, green mountains on all sides, children playing on playgrounds. In the left, a street lined with adorable Italian houses and cafès and on the right, blue water with silver splashes from the sun. There is not more more to say about a walk, so enjoy the photos! 


The lakeside walkway


Una piazza (note the palm tree on the right!?)


Hey Dad- maybe you would like to sail here? I mean, its kinda pretty…


An attempted artsy shot?



Everywhere I look, there is a panarama waiting to be taken

Pisogne, I will be back!